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The Kyvio Team

The Kyvio Team has your back! We understand that as a platform you use our services to launch and run YOUR business so any failure of our services or downtime is not acceptable.

The Kyvio platform has 99.946% uptime.
And the Kyvio API has a 99.999% uptime.

We are always working to learn and improve to serve you, our customer, better.

The Team

Dawn Marie Caceres

VA/HR Manager

Dragan Plushkovski

Affiliate Manager

Nikola Dishlijeski

Launch Manager

Utsav Shrestha

Backend Developer

Vishal Dave

Backend Developer

Vladimir Vasilevski

Content Writer

Cristian Toader

Product/ Tool Creator

Adrian Ene

Launch Team BE Developer

Marvin Antalan

Mailvio Master /

Senior Support Agent

Viktor Cikarovski

Head of Support Team

Sabin Timsina

Support Agent

Carlo Ryoichi Sakuma

Mailvio Support Agent

Bilal Khan

Support Agent

Vasko Naumoski

Head of Design Team

Emilija Shikoska Ojleska

Graphic Designer

Ilija Mechkaroski

Graphic Designer

Axel Garbet

Video Editor

Clinton Lorica

Video Editor

Charlson Gueverra

Customer Success Manager


Learn more about Us

Kyvio Founders

Steven van der Peijl

COO and Co-founder

Neil Napier

CEO and Co-founder

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Copyright 2023 Kyvio. All rights reserved