Kyvio AI Powered Marketing

AI is not likely to replace you any time soon, but it can be a very powerful to help your marketing efforts! At Kyvio we fully embrace AI and everybody in the team actively uses it to

improve their work, learn new things and be more productive!

Power up your company and your work flows with Kyvio's AI features!

What AI help does Kyvio offer you?

Content AI

Workflow AI

Conversation AI

Get Inspired - Create content fast

Content AI

Our Content AI helper is super versatile and can help you with a ton of different things. You can use the Content AI to act as your inspiration and get rid of starring at blank pages or use it as is with minor editing.

  • Write Social Media Posts

  • Write Emails

  • Write Blog Post Outline

  • Generate Social Media Images

  • Generate Blog Post Images

Automate, Intelligently

WorkFlow AI

Introducing Workflow AI: Your smart shortcut to supercharged business automation! This game-changer taps into the genius of AI, like GPT-4, to boost your CRM's efficiency. It intuitively responds to different triggers, optimizing your workflows. Plus, it crafts dynamic, relevant responses that elevate your communication game. From social media to e-commerce, it's your versatile partner. Expect precise data handling and speedy operations. With Workflow AI, your business becomes nimbler, quicker, and ready for anything!

Possible ways to use WorkFlow AI to it's full potential
in combination with other Triggers and Actions

  • Automated Birthday Wishes:
    Trigger a 'Birthday Reminder' to activate Workflow AI, sending a standard birthday wish to email or SMS to contacts.

  • E-commerce Abandoned Cart Recovery:
    Upon an 'Abandoned Checkout' trigger from Shopify, send a Workflow AI-generated reminder email or SMS about the abandoned carts.

  • Real Estate Opportunity Management: Upon the 'Opportunity Status Changed' trigger, automatically update Google Sheets with new data and send update emails to potential clients.

  • Automated Restaurant Reservation Confirmation: When 'Customer Booked Appointment' is triggered, the workflow could send a Workflow AI-generated confirmation message with booking details.

  • TikTok Influencer Campaign Management:
    Upon 'TikTok Form Submitted', the workflow could automatically add the influencer to the Affiliate Manager and send them a welcome message via Workflow AI.

  • And more!

  • Client Onboarding in SaaS Companies:
    Upon 'Membership New Signup', use Workflow AI to send a welcome message and onboarding instructions to the new user.

  • Fitness Progress Updates:
    Once a 'Lesson Completed' trigger is activated in a fitness app, the workflow could send the user progress updates via SMS or email.

  • Automated Webinar Follow-ups:
    Using the CRM's 'Appointment Status' trigger after a webinar, the workflow could send all attendees a follow-up email via Workflow AI.

  • Course Completion Certificates: After 'Product Completed' is triggered in an online course, use Workflow AI to generate a congratulatory message and certificate to be sent to the course finisher.

  • Product Recommendations: After 'Order Placed' from Shopify, a preliminary step fetches relevant product data, which feeds into Workflow AI to generate product recommendations via email or SMS.

  • And more!

Pre-qualify your leads

Conversation AI

Meet Conversation AI: Your next-level tool to supercharge customer interactions and effortlessly automate appointment bookings. It has two main features:

  • Quick Suggestions:

    Here, AI offers on-the-spot text recommendations, helping users swiftly reply to customer messages. Users can send the AI's suggestion, tweak it to their liking, or simply skip it.

  • Hands-Free Mode:

    This lets AI take the lead, automatically responding to incoming messages. It's smart too — waiting 2 minutes before tapping into the GPT API, ensuring it catches any follow-up messages.

Our system is designed with specific conditions for initiating, pausing, and concluding processes. This includes manual interventions, delivering context-appropriate responses, and appointment link handovers.

Drawing from the last 10 conversations or a maximum of 800 words, it ensures relevant replies.

Easily integrate this feature with platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram. The system also offers adaptable pricing based on message output and detailed performance metrics for tracking

Here are some use cases for Conversation AI:


Restaurants benefit from Conversation AI in suggestive mode to manage table reservation requests.

When customers inquire about table availability, the AI responds with available time slots and provides suggestions for booking.

Additionally, the suggestive mode assists staff in promptly responding to unique requests, such as dietary restrictions or special arrangements.

Real Estate Agency:

Conversation AI in auto-pilot mode (beta) assists real estate agencies in managing property viewing appointments.

When potential buyers inquire about properties, the AI autonomously provides relevant property details
and available viewing slots, and guides buyers toward scheduling a viewing.

This mode simplifies the appointment booking process for agents and potential buyers.

Fitness Center:

Conversation AI in suggestive mode efficiently handles inquiries and bookings for a fitness center offering various classes and membership plans. Potential clients asking about
class schedules or membership details receive instant responses from the AI and suggestions for further actions. The suggestive mode allows staff to quickly respond to queries and provide personalized assistance.

Fitness Center:

In auto-pilot mode (beta), Conversation AI automates responsesfor a fitness center. When potential clients message about class schedules or membership plans, the AI guides them toward booking a trial class or membership.

This mode lets staff focus on other tasks while maintaining an efficient customer booking process.

There is just so much;

better take it for a test drive!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All AI features usage incur extra costs based on usage. So you must have a payment method on file and billing will be done automatically. The price depends on the feature and is mentioned on the pricing page and also inside the platform before you use it.

The Kyvio platform has SO much features it would get boring to list everything in minute detail on this page. So we invite you to take the platform for a test-drive, on us!

We can and will tell you the platform even though it has so many features is still easy to use, but really that is kinda personal isn't it?

You are the only person who can decide that for yourself and the only way to find out is to dive into it and take it for a spin!

Copyright 2024 Kyvio. All rights reserved

Copyright 2023 Kyvio. All rights reserved