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Education is going through massive disruption, many (big) (tech) companies don't care at all or a lot less about that Diploma. Digital education will be a 33.2 billion USD industry by 2025.

The biggest problem businesses in this space face is that people buy but don't consume their content, which leads to churn and low LTV's. Kyvio Membership sites offers you great course and assignment analytics so you can quickly see where people drop off and fix that problem.

How can my Digital Education business benefit from Kyvio?

Our platform + training offers a lot of different benefits. But the main goal is to help you bring more early buyers into the ecosystem. This helps create cashflow, grow recurring, and get active buyers who will give you feedback and direction! With our built-in membership feature, you can give access to one or more products based on the purchase. Plus, you can offer assignments, quizzes and a whole lot more.

What if my Digital Education business only has 1 product?

That’s fine - 1 or many - our platform is scalable. Kyvio is just as easy to use if you have 1 or 100 products. We make it easy to create your courses/memberships, collect payments, deliver access, run quizzes and a so much more.

Did we mention we also offer free Mobile Progressive Apps for your course/membership site?

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Create a Home For Your Courses with Kyvio!

Build Your Brand

Kyvio will soon become a new home for all your funnels, websites and educational courses. Use it to effectively build a brand you can be proud of. From our research, many customers purchase over and over if they recognize, and associate with a brand. Kyvio gives you that opportunity.

Connect With Leads

Kyvio has a built-in email marketing and SMS sender that helps build better connections. Plus, you can utilize our social media poster to keep your social accounts fresh. Customers love to hear from their favorite brands, and Kyvio helps you with that! All from one dashboard.

Collect & Grow

Kyvio makes it easy to get free trials, recurring subscriptions and even collect high ticket sales. All from one platform and dashboard, so you have all the information in one place. We even have an affiliate module in place to help you scale with affiliate traffic.

Are you ready to grow your Digital Education Business on Kyvio?

Copyright 2023 Kyvio. All rights reserved

Copyright 2024 Kyvio. All rights reserved