Done. For. You.

Did you built a digital product are are you in the progress of building?

A software, digital course or a service?

Not quite sure how to introduce it successfully into the digital jungle?

Let us launch it for you!

We build your launch funnel

We build your evergreen Leadgen funnel

We Move 1 site/funnel from any other place to Kyvio platform for you

We fully setup your Kyvio account & link your domains

You get our full SaaSvio, $4997 worth, incubator course w Mentorship

We EXECUTE your Launch!!

A platform to make your home..

Full access to whole Kyvio platform

Everything under 1 roof, CRM, Unlimited funnels, Membership site, normal websites, unlimited products, leadgen pipelines, marketing automation. Unlimited linked domains and MUCH more.

You found a partner in us

We execute the full launch for you

We put our brand and names behind your product. We promote your product to all our affiliates for the launch and run the show from A-Z!

We're not new to the product launch game

We've generated over $10.000.000 USD

Our company has generated over $10 million USD in revenue in 6 years launching products with an average of 1 product launch per month!

Are you launching a software product?

SaaSvio Mentorship Program

For those launching a software product (e.g. SaaS company) you also get access to our SaaSvio Founders Incubator program which includes:

  • an incredible course created by Neil & Steven themselves where they download ALL their knowledge and experience over the years to you

  • 1 year mentorship with a variety of events like 1-on-1 calls, group calls, live chats with experts and more. Ask us for the details.

  • 1 year access to your SaaSvio Founders Community

Are you ready to apply and launch your product with Kyvio?

We have very limited spots for this service...

Not everybody will qualify

You can imagine that when we take you on as a partner it cost us a lot of time and we can't take on more than 1 partner at a time because we fully need to focus on your product!

Hence we must qualify our potential partners to make sure their products are ready, good and a good match with our and our affiliate network's audiences.

So before you apply please use the following checklist to make sure you are ready:

  • Your product is at least BETA ready

  • You have proper QA processes implemented

  • You have a way that support agents can administrate your product (reset logins, create manual accounts, troubleshoot issues)

  • IMPORTANT: you are open for one-time sales for the duration of the launch

  • You can provide us full (customer) access to the product

  • You have a list of your USP's

  • You have a list of all your features

  • You have an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

  • You have at least an idea for a leadgen product (can be free simple software, a report, a mini-course etc)

  • Recommended: have upsell / downsell products (near) ready*

  • Recommended: have high-ticket back-end product/service (near) ready*

*if you don't have a upsell / downsell or high-ticket backend products we might be able to help you fill these slots and give you a % for each sale depending on your ICP, your niche and what your product does (these offers need to be complementary). Every product launch must have these as it will be the biggest difference in executing a profitable launch or not.

Copyright 2023 Kyvio. All rights reserved

Copyright 2024 Kyvio. All rights reserved