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Kyvio 2 - Major Update (and news of Kyvio 3)

April 01, 20233 min read

Hey Kyvians,

I come bearing essential news. As you know, Kyvio 2 has been online for over two years. We opened up access to Funnelvio - Smart Funnels and Smart Products - in 2020. 

And since then, we have also opened up access to Membervio - Smart Memberships and Smart Products. 

Now we absolutely love the platform we have created. We have been working on Kyvio (previously Instasuite) since 2017. And we have spent our sweat, blood, and tears on this platform for the last six years. Unfortunately, Kyvio is not a profitable product and hasn't been for a significant time. We run a for-profit business, as I assume most of you do. In fact, we lose about $20K a month on it so we've come to the difficult decision to close Kyvio 2 (but there is good news too; keep reading!).

Post-pandemic things have changed a lot. Hiring has become harder than it used to be. And we just have not been able to do a good job promoting Kyvio and keep pace with the development of Kyvio 2 to keep it competitive. 

Moving To Kyvio 3

That said, we want to switch gears and focus on what we do best - educating and helping our customers. So we are refocusing our efforts, and instead of developing Kyvio in-house as we have been doing, we are going to move into what we're calling Kyvio 3, which is in partnership with another full-service platform. 

Kyvio 3 will allow you to create funnels and memberships and sell your products as you already do. Plus, it will give you some additional features that Kyvio 2 didn't have, including an affiliate system, reputation management, and others. 

I know asking you to switch from Kyvio 2 to Kyvio 3 will be painful. I do apologize for that. But unfortunately, we are not in a position to continue supporting Kyvio 2 from here on. 

Instead, we want to help you build a better business on top of a platform that does a lot more than what we could do. As I mentioned, we will refocus on your education and help you build a solid business relying on funnels, membership sites, affiliate blogging, and selling products. 

Kyvio 3 Rolls Out In Mid-April

We'd like to start onboarding customers into Kyvio 3 by the middle of April. We will do so in the form of a hands-on 3-5 day live training series, to which you will also have access in the future. 

So please keep an eye on your emails for that. We will also announce this in our Facebook group and our blog. We want to work with you to make sure that, moving forward, your experience with Kyvio 3 is a happy one. And in that, if there's anything we can do better, please let us know. 

As it stands, you will not be able to migrate your current funnels or membership sites automatically into Kyvio 3. That is something you will have to do manually. If you require us to do that for you, we can find a solution. In this case, reach out to support and let us know. 

Based on our current timeline, we can keep Kyvio 2 active until the end of May. We may be able to extend that by a month potentially, but the funnel builder itself will not be accessible starting beginning of June. 

I hope you can continue to be our customers in this journey so that we can continue to help you achieve your business goals and build your business the way you would like.

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Neil Napier

CEO of Kyvio

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Copyright 2024 Kyvio. All rights reserved