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5 Ways How Online Courses Can Generate More Leads and Sales for Your Business

October 28, 20204 min read

Customer attraction and retention are vital for business sales and growth. However, getting your customers’ attention can be a challenging task. So how best can you reach out to potential customers and turn them into long term loyal customers? To generate leads online is the way to go. You can achieve this by providing them with helpful advice for free. 

Now I guess you’re wondering, how is free content used to generate leads? By offering a free online course, that’s how. Customers’ will give you their attention when given an experience that solves a specific challenge. When a customer receives help from you without parting with their cash, trust, and credibility is built. Thus, they are willing to pay for your expertise and make referrals subsequently. These free online courses you give can turn into a lead generating machine. With their attention, your chances of converting new subscribers into paying customers increase.

Want to try some online course marking but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Stats show that 63% of businesses find it challenging to generate traffic and leads. Not to worry, today, we’ll consider five ways how an online course can create leads for your business.

Translate Your Course into Other Languages 

A valuable tip for online course marketing is to translate it into other languages. By converting your free content into multiple languages, you expand your market. Also, breaking down language barriers is critical for growing your business beyond your locality. It’s also an excellent way to attract and engage an audience for your online course. To deal with customers globally, you need to communicate in the language they best understand. 

It is perfect if you have a good understanding of the language you want to translate. However, if you have the budget, you can get a professional to help convert your courses. The more dialects you transcribe your classes into, the more traffic you’ll generate.

Expand your Reach via Webinar Collaborations

Another part of online course marketing is holding webinars. While having a live virtual session with your audience, you can teach them something new. Besides hosting one yourself, you can also co-host a webinar to increase your leads. You can collaborate with industry experts in your filed and, likewise, influencers.

Webinars let you create a personal connection with the viewers and leaves a lasting impression. There are Q&A questions you can ask to enable better interaction with the audience. You can also lookup tips on ways to overcome impostor syndrome when creating online courses. It can help boost your confidence regarding the content you intend to share.

When promoting a webinar, you can advertise it on both yours and your co-host’s platform. Picture a writing service reviews site like Best Writers Online, collaborating with a student learning tools website. The collaboration will open up more leads. Asides their regular audience, they’ll connect to the audience interested in student-centered tools.

Extract Courses into Audio Format 

Extracting the audio from your online courses is an excellent way to create free online leads. With this, you can capture the audience that likes to listen to information while driving, excising, or doing chores. It means you have a whole new customer segment you can reach.

Using online tools, you can easily convert these files. Your online training videos can be extracted into MP3 or MP4 files. And then, you can add them to platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, or Podcast. Then you are on more platforms and reaching out to a broader audience. There’s also more room to generate leads for sales without having to do extra work!

Send the Edited Transcription to your Email List

The use of email marketing is another way to use your online course sales to generate leads. When sending out personalized emails, you can include informative content. When struggling with content, details from your online course can create informative emails.

You can add links to the video or blog, and you can also hyperlink the online courses. The links should be able to take them straight to platforms where you want to increase traffic. Providing them with such information increases the likelihood that they’ll buy from you. Additionally, you can make use of email automation tools to send out effective emails.

Share Your Courses Using LinkedIn as a Publishing Platform

With over 660 million users worldwide, the audience on LinkedIn is massive. LinkedIn allows you to publish content for long-form posts detailing your expertise. It is unlike other social platforms where users rarely engage with long posts.

When publishing a post, you can share your lead generation course to get more exposure. Do this by including your original online course video in the article. Your leads can increase on LinkedIn by sharing posts that highlight your expertise. However, when writing those length posts, you might want to consider using professionals. A custom writing reviews websites like Online Writers Rating can help boost the content quality of your article.


To generate leads online, you always need to be innovative and have a customer-centered approach. This is achievable by providing them with free online courses. These courses are not only used to educate the audience and generate one-off leads. They are also a great way to share on other platforms to improve your leads and sales. 

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