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Cleverly disguised as a visitor survey, Kyvio is actually an awesome way to get coupons into the hands of your visitors. It’s built using principles of consumer psychology and gamification, so your visitors are more likely to use the coupons they earn, which can spike your conversion rate. Plus, you’ll get rich data you can use to optimize your site. Which can lead to even more conversions. Kinda cool, right?

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During the Kyvio beta, 92% of users were either very positive or neutral about the Kyvio survey experience (2035 total respondents) 

I love the INSTANT SAVINGS thing going up with every question I answer.It makes me want to keep answering to see how high I can make the number go. 
Kyvio beta user
It was fun seeing the discount increase. Not just from a money-saving standpoint but also from a ‘break the monotony of online life’ standpoint. 
Kyvio beta user
I love how fast it was and how it let me stop at any time. But how could I stop? Really, I was compelled! 
Kyvio beta user
Great hook with the savings, feels like you’re giving something back in exchange for my feedback 
Kyvio beta user
It was ridiculously fast, didn’t make me think too hard, and kept giving me a bigger discount. 
Kyvio beta user
this is f****ing brilliant. the instant feedback of the discount bump is so gratifying. 
Kyvio beta user

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Do I need to offer massive discounts to boost my conversions?
Not necessarily! Although some studies have found that higher face-value coupons have higher redemption rates, other studies have found that consumers don’t perceive high-value coupons as more attractive than medium-value coupons. 
When should I use Kyvio?
Whenever you’d like a) to spike sales with great incentives or b) to learn about your visitors. Think of Kyvio as a replacement for posting a coupon to your site. If you’re thinking of running a promotion using coupon codes, use Kyvio to deliver your promotion – and collect valuable data while you’re at it. 
Do I generate my own coupon codes?
Yes. Because there are so many carts (and custom carts) to integrate with, it would be nearly impossible to generate coupon codes right in Kyvio. So with Kyvio, you’ll simply enter up to 5 coupon codes of your own creation, and then update those when they’re nearing expiry. (BTW, we’re working on coupon-generation for Shopify and WooCommerce.) 
My cart abandonment is high. Can I trigger Kyvio in my cart?
Studies show that when prospects see “coupon code” fields in a cart, they are likely to abandon the cart in search of a coupon – and fail to return if they don’t find one. Coming in our next release – as soon as July 2014 – you’ll be able to add a link to your cart to trigger Kyvio. Prospects can quickly earn a coupon code, which may decrease their likelihood of abandoning. You’ll get more conversions and more information about your best prospects (i.e., those in your cart). 
What pages can I add Kyvio to?
Any pages on your domain. You can also tell Kyvio what pages not to pop on. 
Do you have a free trial?
No, but we have a demo underway and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, we’re super-affordable – and we don’t lock you into annual fees like others often do. 
What types of incentives can I offer with Kyvio?
Currently, you can deliver % off coupon codes through the Kyvio platform. Next, we’ll be adding the ability to offer “free period of service” (great for SaaS and subscription services) as well as free shipping. 
I’m in ecommerce. When will I be able to offer free shipping – or a free product – as an incentive?
Soon. As early as July 2014, you’ll be able to ask your visitors to answer 3, 4 or 5 questions to earn free shipping or any free item. Offering a free ‘whole’ instead of percentage discounts effectively eliminates the variable reward element of Kyvio, but because studies show that free shipping offers are often more powerful than discounts, the benefit of free shipping could outweigh the lost benefit of variable rewards. 
I have a subscription business. How can I use Kyvio to provide incentives?
You could offer a percentage off a single month of any plan… or off several months of any plan… or off a single month of one plan… The list goes on. Just tell Kyvio what you’re offering a discount on, and we’ll share that with your respondents. 
Does Kyvio work on mobile, too?
It doesn’t, actually – and that’s intentional. As of 2014, studies show that users browse a lot on their mobile phones but move to their desktop or laptop computers (or tablets) to buy. So until users start buying on mobile, Kyvio will only pop on screen sizes over 800×600. 
And the biggest question you may have: Aren’t people annoyed by pop-ups?
When you interrupt people without apology and without reward, you’re more likely to inspire irritation. But out of 2035 people who used Kyvio and answered the question “what do you love or loathe about kyvio”, a mere 8% said they disliked the interruption. A whopping 61% were very pleased with Kyvio. Yes, 61%. They even said things like “it made me smile.” So although some pop-ups are annoying, ours is dramatically less annoying. 

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