Make INSTANT RoI With Kyvio - In Minutes.

Upgrade and Unlock Profitable Collection Of 100 DFY Funnels, Products and Autoresponder Series - Exclusive To Kyvio Anniversary Buyers

Since this offer is HIGHLY profitable, and there may be overlaps - we are liming it to first 250 buyers ONLY. First come, first served. Watch this video:

With this upgrade you can unlock:

100 DFY Funnels - sent right to your Kyvio account

100 DFY Lead Magnets - ready to download

100 DFY Pro Products - upload into your Smart Membership area

300 DFY Emails - 3 emails per funnel, add them to your Smart Mailer

Drip-fed every week for the next 365 Days! No overwhelm

Proven to convert funnels - see samples further below

With this upgrade, you can get an INSTANT RoI on your Kyvio purchase today, and see leads and money coming in as early as tomorrow morning.

Money Love Speed, Do You?

Hey there - Neil Napier again, and I want to ask you ONE simple question:

How quickly do you plan to make money with Kyvio?

See - most of these investments can take at least 14 to 21 days to make money with. Some take even longer.

What if I was to speed that up?

What if I was to give you the ABSOLUTE BEST collection of products that are ready-to-sell. INSTANTLY?

My team and I have spent a MAJOR part of last 12 months finding and creating lead magnets, full ebooks, software and plugins as well as email autoresponder series that can help put our business on autopilot.

...and I want to share this treasure trove with you.


Kyvio Treasure Trove

Now usually, you would have to put on your pirate hat and go digging. But you don’t need to - we’ve done the digging for you.

And we’ve come up with 100 UNIQUE Funnels that can be implemented at a moments notice, ready to make YOU money.

Here’s what’s included as part of Kyvio Treasure Trove:


100 DFY Funnels

sent right to your Kyvio account

When you get the Kyvio Treasure Trove, you will unlock 100 uniquely created funnels that can make money as soon as you are ready to tell people about it.

Each funnel is a 2-step funnel, containing 3 pages:

A high-converting optin page

Stylish thank you + sales page hybrid

A simple and effective final thank you page

The entire funnel is integrated with PayPal and all you need to do is put in your PayPal email address and start collecting money.

Of course - you can also hook up stripe, or Jvzoo, or Clickbank or any other network supported within Kyvio.

And if you are wondering what niches are covered, here's the complete list:

Social Media

Affiliate Marketing

Selling on Amazon





Google Ads

Health and self-help

Internet Marketing


Personal development

Information on these funnels are delivered every week, and since its a manual process for us to send a funnel to your account, you can simply reply back to these emails and request one or ALL of these funnels. We’ll add it to your account within 24 hours.

Check out some of the sample pages included in these funnels:


100 DFY Lead Magnets

ready to download

Now I will assume that you have some kind of knowledge expertise. Which is awesome.

But you'll still face 2 challenges:


It will take you too long to create lead magnets that can help you build with a list


You probably have better things to do with your time

So what if I just hand over 100 of our lead magnets that will help you build a list?

Imagine - if just one of these lead magnets generates ONE new lead a month. That’s 30 leads a day…

With 100 of these - you could be generating 3,000 new leads EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

How cool is that?

Check out some of the lead magnets available as part of your package today:


100 DFY Pro Products

ready to sell and monetize

What I said above still applies - you probably don’t have time to create ALL the products EVERY single week, right?

...or maybe you just don’t want to and would rather take the shortcut.

Well – Kyvio Treasure Trove is that shortcut.

Inside this Treasure Trove, you will also find 100 READY TO SELL products, professionally recorded, for you.

When you request the funnels into your Kyvio account, you will also get access to the fully completed courses. Some of these are written, some are recorded as videos. All you have to do is upload them into your Youtube/Vimeo channel, and add them into Kyvio.


Check out some of the products available inside this package:


300 DFY Emails

3 emails per funnel, add them to your Smart Mailer

If it wasn't already clear, here's the process of how you generate leads and make a sale:

So for every funnel, you will get, you also need the emails.

We’ve decided to share these emails with you. For every single funnel, we have 3 emails in a package: Welcome (+ sales), value (+ sales) and scarcity (+ sales).

These emails have been tried and tested for high conversions. Of course, you are welcome to edit them and expand them as you see fit - but they are good to go. Straight out of the box.

When you request a funnel, we will also send you corresponding email sequences, and you will be able to put them into Smart Mailer, or any other autoresponder of your choice.

Check out some of the samples:

Kyvio Treasure Trove is by far the FASTEST way to make money with Kyvio (and even without).

But because we only have limited funnels and products to share with you, we don’t want to dilute them.

Hence, this offer is limited to first 250 people only…

…after which we’ll remove this one-time upgrade opportunity.

And remember - we have you covered with our 30-day money back guarantee. If within the next 30 days, you feel the 100 funnels, 100 done for you lead magnets, 100 done for you products and 300 done for you emails are not good enough - just let us know. We’ll refund your money in full. We may ask for feedback, but we don’t want to hold onto your money if we cannot impress you.

This is the EASIEST way to get set up and see the power of Kyvio.

So make sure you get involved.

Your Captain,

Neil Napier

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