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Here is what some of our customers have said about their experience with Kyvio!

Just want to say a huge thanks to Neil Napier, Steven Vd Peijl & Co. for the constant development/support of SmartMailer and Kyvio. Happy to say it generated 140+ hot leads and over £10K in sales!!! Never thought it could be possible until I finally took real action.

Khim Tran

Business Consultant, Khim Tran Live

Love how easy to use Kyvio's funnel builder is! Combine that with email autoresponder and WP like blog builder - you have very important applications needed in any business. Great software. 5 stars.

Abhi Dwiedi

Founder/Director, Vega6 Webware Technologies LTD

I just want to take time out to say thank you for making Kyvio possible! It's been pretty amazing what it has done for my business in the short time I've gotten serious with using the platform

Launched my very first Kyvio based course and generated the equivalent of $5000 over a 4 week period of promotions, using Neil's webinar methods!

What's even more exciting is what's possible with upgrades that are on the way. I appreciate what you do on a daily basis to make my business fun and easier.

Victor Ekpo Bassey

Founder, Better Man Mastermind

What drew me to this platform, were the integrations of all the key parts. I launched an online class, and the on-boarding process was so easy because everything worked together - from sales page to payment to the membership site to emails to my new clients.

It's a robust system, and an incredible value for all the features included. I'm not using half of what they provide, and I'm still thrilled.

Scott Tzvi Silverstone

Mergers and Acquisitions, JEL - Jerusalem Equity LTD

Kyvio is the state of the art platform that we use for our business on a daily bussines and has become an integral part for running it!

Support is unlike anything out there. I would highly recommend Kyvio to anyone who is serious about getting results.

Tom Oganessian

The Wise Choices Network

'I’m not a tech guy, but I do love great technological solutions that make life fun, easier, and outright greater by providing inroads to a world of possibility, which was once excluded from you. There are many shiny objects out there, and some very effective marketers who are masters of selling a promise, but there is a problem.

Even with a money back guarantee, you can waste hours and days of your precious time on this excursion before figuring out that the product adds no real value to your business.

What’s Kyvio like? Well, if Neil and Steven and their Team were the travel industry, you’d be buying a week’s self catering, and getting a round the world ticket with room service, all inclusive hotels and transfers included, as well as a whole host of help and recommendations along the way.

Sam Little

MD, MindTherapy Network LTD

As someone who is not that technical I need an all in one program that is easy to use and produces great results. Kyvio does exactly that for me.

The pages I have made have been quick to make and I have got some great results using them in my funnels. As well as the simplicity of the program the people behind it are superb.

They have the right balance of commercial drive, technical skills and support is second to none. I'm really glad I made the decision to invest in Kyvio

William Stewart

CEO, Premier Consultants

Kyvio is an ever improving all-in-one / one-stop shop for marketers, web developers, product owners, membership builders and more to create and host their online assets under one roof.

I've found Kyvio's Funnel Builder quick and easy to create the Single Page Sales and Opt-In Pages that I need for now, but it's funcationality goes much further than that. Integrating with the in-built list building tools is also quick and easy - creating opt-in forms, designating it to your own Kyvio email list and designing email follow-up sequences and broadcasts all within minutes.

Kyvio's support team are responsive, helpful and friendly. The support, development and management teams are pushing hard to make this already great product into something truly excellent.

 Kyvio is already challenging market leaders in all-in-one marketing products - it was an easy choice for me over leaders like Click Funnels - on price, functionality, the people involved and the road maps for future development.

Aub Harman

Internet Enterpreneur

I love Kyvio and having so many great marketing and sales tools in one place. Beyond the software, I love being part of the wider Kyvio community. The platform add lots of value and help myself and fellow users to set up websites, membership sites, sales funnels and much more in a matter of minutes. Great software for a non techie guy like me!!!

Nelius Smit

Founder - Effective Property Management

I'm amazed how easy this is to use. It's even easier than it looked following along with the videos. This really speeds things up and all the pieces fit together really well. I'm glad to be one of the early adopters with this platform. 

Jim Galiano

CEO, Gulf Coast Internet Publishing

I was one of the first users of Kyvio and fortunate enough to get the lifetime license, and since day one all I saw was the raw pottential and the big development on the software, with a lot of improvements that kept on coming!

I knew Steven and Neil, thus I was sure they would keep improving the platform and make it even better.

If you're hesitant about it, don't think further, just do it. Kyvio is very easy to use and has a lot of features that will give an incredible ROI.

Leonardo Wolff

CEO, Pine3Media - Sao Paolo, Brazil

Kyvio for me represents simplicity, efficiency, integration and creativity. What else would an entrepreneur require than cutting business costs and running on a FAST platform that presents all-in-one solution (funnel builder that integrates with membership sites, powered with smart mailer automation and handling customer issues with smart support desk service).

Kyvio saved me almost $200 + in monthly subscriptions to run my business, by giving this all-in-one solution. Special Thanks to Neil & Steven for your hard efforts, awesome support employees, thus turning our wishes to reality!

Ameer Rafaee aka Amir Spro

Internet Entrepreneur

''Joining Kyvio was the best decision I ever made!”

Being brand new to the online space with zero tech skills, the support I have received from the Kyvio team has been priceless. I’ve been able to ask questions with instant replies as I’ve fumbled my way through the process of taking my Health clinic into the online world and this is something I would not have been able to do if it wasn’t for the amazing support and help along the way.

So a huge thank you to Neil and the team for an outstanding product and an exceptional support team!

Stacey Foat

CEO, Balanced Babes

"Thanks to Kyvio, I have managed to set up my business completely on the internet in an easy and efficient way, in the process, I have stopped using other expensive tools such as an autoresponder, membership plugin, etc.. All of this and more, was already in Kyvio!

I also earn money with Kyvio as an affiliate and that's great Kyvio is the best thing that has happened to me so far "🙂

Rafael Fra

Digital Marketing Consultant at www.clidad.com

The Kyvio platform is the best choice I have made in online business venture. I help many business owners every day by building funnels in Kyvio - enabling them to earn more money in their business.

I have found that Kyvio is the real platform on the market that is truly "all-in-one" - and that Kyvio has the world's best support and educational training.

Ebbe Lind

CEO, Dansk LaesePraktik

A very focus-all-in-one suite. This is all you need. Thank you for the constant updates and unrivaled support!

Chris McNary

Owner/Founder/CEO - Get Past The Noise Marketing LLC

I recommend Kyvio to everyone especially to those who wants to start an online business and apply various internet marketing strategies from creating squeeze pages to membership sites.

What I love most is that I can own so many squeeze pages without having to buy many new domain names because I can set them up on Kyvio. You will save a lot of money getting mostly all the solutions needed by investing in Kyvio.

Kyvio also has a superb support team so you need not worry if help is needed, they always take care of you with kindness. Thanks to Neil, Steven and whole team!

Nur Ain Hassan

Internet Enterpreneur & Founder, www.pricetagss.com

We were lucky enough to purchase a life time license and am VERY glad we did as it has and will save us a ton of $$.

The online world can be daunting and Kyvio makes it real easy for newbies (like me) to get professional easy to use funnels live and producing $$$. I loved the ability to create 1 funnel then share it with others in the team - saves heaps of work.

The support team is second to none - exceptional, always willing to help and go the extra mile.

Tim Meredith

Natural Stem Cell Nutrition www.naturalstemcellnutrition.life

 Kyvio is as close as you can get to a complete internet marketing platform as you will find anywhere. I’ve been with them just about since they were born as Instasuite and seen constant progress and development throughout this period. The atmosphere is friendly and informal and you can talk to the owners almost any time on the Facebook group. As a member you get the feeling of being very much part of the development process. They are very open to feature requests from their user base. I can only see Kyvio getting even better over time and am very happy to be on board.

Edward Byrne

Online Marketing Truth

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