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The Ultimate Resource For Course Creators - Access Training and Personal Mentoring To Sell More Courses!

Keep reading to see how you can get Instant access to SMART marketing training,

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Smart Academy. I am Neil Napier, co-founder of Kyvio, and Smart Academy.

My goal is to put you on a path to succ ess., And I’ll do that by giving you all the tools and techniques you need to accomplish your business and lifestyle goals.

My mission is simple: Help people - like you - turn what they know into something they can sell.

My students and I sell our courses, physical products, ebooks, and even coaching. Some of my students run agencies too. Over the last 5 years, our company has generated $5M within our business, without any outside funding. Here are some of our results:

My Personal Struggle, Getting Thrown Out Because I was “Poor”

Most people start internet marketing with a single goal in mind: Make enough money so they can ki$$ their 9-5 job goodbye.

They want to live the “internet lifestyle” that they read about in 4-hour work week.

But it’s never that simple.

I started with the same vision. In my case, I had to make $10,000 within 6 months, or I would lose my visa to stay in the UK.

Well - back then, I was lazy. Even though the opportunity was staring in my face, I didn’t take the plunge and missed my chance. I was kicked out because I was “poor” and didn’t have enough family money.

That day, I decided to turn things around...

Since then, I’ve been working hard, and SMART. I’ve built a mini-empire that pays for nice vacations as well as my huge taxes (seriously, Finland is EXPENSIVE!)

Why am I telling you all this?

...because if a lazy entrepreneur can pull up his bootstraps and “make it” - so can you!

Do you face these problems in your current business?

Considering that you’re reading this, I bet you want to also want to improve your life. You want to “make it” online and make enough money so paying taxes doesn’t hurt anymore.


Well - if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

So stop wishing, and lets address your problems HEAD ON!

But what are these problems?

See - even if you decide to take action, you’ll face a few obstacles on your journey:

  • You won’t know where to start, or what to do next in your business
  • You won’t have proven systems you can plug-and-play for quick results, and
  • You won’t have any kind of mentoring in place (seriously, mentors are COSTLY!)

Sucks, right?

What if I was to wave a magic wand and solve all this?



...for course creators




Smart Academy is the ultimate collection of on-demand systems, training, and more. It exists to help you find the solutions you need to the problems you face while building your online business.

Smart Academy has it all: video training, checklists, templates, PDF downloads and more. It’s really the one-stop shop for all things marketing.

5-Steps To Membership Site Success!

Step #1

Research and Foundation

4-Pillars for Successful

Membership Site

Survey Salesman

Pitch Perfect Positioning

#MyFirst1000 – 5 Part Course

Step #2

Building and Publishing Your Course

Membership Creation Playbook

Course Curator

#MyFirst1000 – 5 Part Course

Step #3

Creating Funnels That Sell

Invisible Funnel

Funnel Creation Playbook


Step #4

Generating Traffic and Leads

Email Writing Playbook

Step #5

Additional Revenue Sources

21-Day Recurring Machine


Design Agency Blueprint


Worksheets and Checklists:

Step #1

Research and Foundation

Smart Niche Worksheet

This fill-in-the-blanks worksheet will help you choose a niche you deeply care about. Know your passion and how it relates to your skills. Using this worksheet will help you:

1. Choose a niche you deeply care about

2. Create a course that has an impact on your student's lives

3. Retain students and get referrals to your course

Worksheet - Set SMART Goals

To help you stay focused on making your first (or second) $ 1,000 with membership sites, we recommend setting smart goals. Print this template and stick it where you’re able to see it often.

1. Set goals that help you stay accountable to yourself

2. Identify personal challenges and problems that prevent most people from building a successful membership site and avoid them.

Step #2

Building and Publishing Your Course

How To Build a Wildly Profitable Membership Site

1. 4-Part checklist that gives you A to Z of building a successful membership site.

2. Part 1 gives you fundamentals to building a membership site. If you are just starting out, this is the perfect place to begin.

3. Part 2 and 3 show you how to setup and test your membership site idea, so you know how to position yourself for success.

4. Part 4 gives you ideas to increase your profits with your membership sites.

Step #3

Creating Funnels That Sell

Build sales funnel from scratch in Kyvio

Accompanied with a video, this checklist will ensure you don't skip any steps while building a sales funnel with Kyvio. You can use this with other tools as well, though we have optimized it to work with Kyvio.

1. 2-page checklist that you can print and keep on your table

2. Use this every time you are building a new funnel, and make sure you don't miss any steps.

How to optimize Kyvio pages for SEO

Accompanied with a training video, print out this checklist and make sure your pages rank. Easy to follow-checklist.

1. Make sure your pages rank by following simple steps.

2. Reduce bounce rate by avoiding quick-exit traps.

3. Provide a better user experience and ease of reading.

Step #4

Generating Traffic and Leads

Template - 16 FB Group Post Ideas

Do you run a Facebook group, or want to? The most tiresome task of running a Facebook group is consistently posting content that engages people. We've mastered it and want to share what works with you:

1. Inspire people with 6-different post types

2. Educate and engage people with 8-different post types.

3. When the time is right, promote something, and make money!

Step #5

Additional Revenue Sources

The practical side of business

Going from a product idea to building your online assets. This checklists lays out steps you need to take to systematically build something that lasts.

  1. Use this guide to check things off when you are starting a new business.
  2. Know how you need to take buyers through a journey and ascend them to a higher level

Download and print this checklist and use it every time

you are building out a new membership site.


With Smart Academy, you will get everything you need to succeed online.

Even an exclusive community to hang out with like-minded people and ask questions any time of the day.

With this package, you get EXCLUSIVE access to our closed community.

Nothing like this has ever been put out there, and we are positive that this could make a remarkable change in your life.

Monthly Group QnAs

We’ll be rotating QnA sessions around the following core topics (and we’ll leave 15 minutes in the end for general questions):

  • Funnels
  • Membership sites
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Running a profitable Agency
  • ...and more (by demand!)

Every month, we’ll hold 2 LIVE QnA sessions and recordings will be made available within the member's area.

Monthly Bootcamps

  • 4-Hour Info-Product Creation
  • One Day Sales Copywriting
  • Build and Launch a Funnel Live

Tools and Resources

Calculators, training videos on how to use other tools (like ConvertFox)




Ok - so how much will all this cost?

First of all - I need to tell you…

...Smart Academy is a continuous program.

It’s not a “get rich quick” or “make money online” scheme. This is ACTUAL business coaching to help you take your business to the next level.

It’s your constant supply of Netflix-type Edutainment, that you can even access on your mobile.

Again - NOTHING like this exists out there.

So how much will it cost?

That depends on how much you want.

See - we have 3 levels to Smart Academy:

4-Figure Academy

or what I like to call Hobbypreneurs. These people are JUST starting out, and want to build something good. They probably don’t have a product yet. But most importantly - they are making less than $1,000 per month.

5-Figure Academy

or what I call Entrepreneurs. These people are already making some money - perhaps less than 5-figures a month, and really want to scale up and kiss their old job goodbye (for good!) But for now - this is a side-hustle and they are waiting for the right incentive to shift.

6-Figure Academy

or Smartpreneurs. Now these people are already making waves. Easily grossing 5-figures in some months, and some even past their 6-figure goals. This package is aimed at giving all these busy people the EXACT ingredients they need to scale up.

You should pick the package that you can afford and that works for you.

Note though - you get everything that we advertise in the table below. And you continue getting new courses, checklists, mentoring and more - based on what level you purchase.

We intend to keep adding at least 3x what you pay today worth of value. Every month. For as long as you are part of the Academy.

...and here’s the cool part - the cost of this entire package is going to be MUCH less than what you think.

This is the most comprehensive business package you’ll see online - and it won’t cost you even your week’s income.

If you were to buy each part of the Smart Academy individually, you would easily pay $10,000+.

Every. Single. Year.

But we’re going to charge you much less than that. Ideally, I’d like to show you what our competition is charging - but there’s NO ONE out there who is giving you this level of business coaching.

...and if you tried to go at it yourself, well - you won’t get mentoring from my team and I. Plus it may take you longer, and cost more - to move from 4-figure to 5-figure. Then to 6-figure.

Right now - as we are rolling things out - you can get access to Smart Academy at an INSANELY LOW price.

If you’re the person that likes to take advantage of an opportunity - this is it!

We won’t charge you $10,000+ that this package is worth.

We won’t even charge you half of that - $5,000.

As a matter of fact - what you pay starts as little as $497 per year.

See your options below and pick a package that works for you:


4-Figure Academy

5-Figure Academy

6-Figure Academy

Courses (Retail Below $100)

4 Pillars for Successful Membership Site

Survey Salesman

Invisible Funnel

Email Writing Playbook

Membership Creation Playbook

Course Curator


21-Day Recurring Machine

Pitch Perfect Positioning

Courses (Retail Above $100, Below $297)

Design Agency Blueprint



Worksheets and Checklists

Closed Community

Bootcamps (1x per month)

2x Month Group QnA

Tools and Resources

Smart Academy Can 10x Your Business!

That’s right.

Smart Academy is exactly what you need to help you get answers to those BURNING questions that keep you up at night…

How do I generate leads?

How do I run ads?

What do I do next?...

Even if you implement 1/10th of what we share here, you’ll notice remarkable difference in how you approach your business. And how you feel every morning when you wake up.

And I am SO confident - that I’ll back your purchase with a 30-day money back guarantee.

That is - get Smart Academy and you can spend 30 days absorbing ALL the content and training we have available.

If within that period - you are not happy with what this package contains - let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

Simple as that.

We may ask some questions for feedback, but we won’t hold your money hostage!

So your purchase is completely risk-free!

Can I come back and buy this tomorrow?

Yes - you can. This will be an evergreen offer.

BUT - if you see a discount AND a timer on this page - note that we are VERY serious about it.

We will not keep the offer open at this price forever.

In fact - we may also remove some of the aspects of Smart Academy once we hit first 100 people.

Just think about it - once we have done 3-6 bootcamps, 12+ QnA calls - these will be available in your members area immediately.

It then makes sense to raise prices, right?

...because new customers will get ALL the previous knowledge for same price as people buying today.

We are promising you a lot here. And since some of these deliverables require MY time - I cannot carry on to add more things for people who join late.

So choice is completely yours.

If you feel Smart Academy can be the CHANGE you need in your business - get it NOW.

One more time - here's what you are getting as part of this package...




Altogether, you are getting:

1. Pre-recorded Training Valued at over $2,100

2. Worksheets and Checklists Valued at $497

3. Monthly Bootcamps Valued at $497

4. Monthly Group QnAs Valued at $297

5. Tools and Resources Valued at $297

6. Community Valued at $497

7. Risk-Free Guarantee Valued at $997

That's a total of $7,673 Every. Single. Year.

You pay a faction of that.

Click on the button below to reserve your seat in Smart Academy.

We are only letting 100 people into our community to begin with, and you should be one of them.

I am looking forward to working with you on the live sessions.

I am Neil Napier, and along with all of our team, I want to thank you for reading this.

I hope you enjoy Smart Academy and take advantage of this offer to build a business.

P.S: You have probably bought different software solutions before. But you haven’t quite maximized your business results, have you? Simply buying something that “automates” things is not enough. You need assets to automate. Smart Academy helps you build those assets. It gives you EVERY piece of training you will ever need to be successful.

If you want this - it makes sense to get it now, and not wait when we DOUBLE the price.

Click the buy button and get this now.

P.P.S: Listen - the more time you spend on this, thinking about it - your competition is out there taking action. You may think that you can instead buy different products every week. But where will that take you?

You will spend more and make less.

Smart Academy is probably the LAST product you will ever need to build a profitable business.

Don’t miss out. Don’t buy other products that teach the same thing we teach you.

Get Smart Academy and become a Smartpreneur.



Can I cancel anytime?

As of now we are only offering yearly package, but yes - you may cancel at any time and you will not be billed in the future.


How can I get in touch with you?

Reach out to us via support @ (no spaces) with any questions you may have,


How many hours of training is already available?

Collectively we have over 40 hours of training already available, and more is being added every month!


When can I access Smart Academy?

We are planing to open the doors on 4th December - so expect to see it in your Kyvio dashboard then.


Will I get new logins to Smart Academy?

If you are a Kyvio customer - it will be directly available in your account. If you are not a Kyvio customer, you can still buy Smart Academy and you will get additional logins for that.


What if I want more?

Good - I like that ambition. Get in touch with me and tell me what's missing, that you would like. If it's tenable, I'll make sure to add it within Smart Academy.


I am a __________ how will this help me?

Listen - for now we are FULLY focused on Course Creators. There is enough content here that it could be used by agency owners, consultants, coaches, software sellers, eCom sellers and more. But we are actively looking to help course and membership site creators with our training.


I already have Kyvio - do I need this?

Here's the cool part - ALL #Kyvians get Smart Academy for free (in fact you may be better off getting Kyvio right now instead of straight up Smart Academy). In effect, here's what you get based on the levels you have:

If you purchased Appsumo deal - you get the 4-figure academy.

If you purchased Kyvio lifetime/monthly/yearly business license - you get the 5-figure academy.

If you purchased Kyvio PRO (which is a recurring only offer) - you get the 6-figure academy.

If you are unsure what you have - contact us via support desk and I can tell you.

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