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Drag and drop funnel builder with over 200 ready pages for INSTANT setup and results.

Unbox full-featured membership site creator and courses that make money.

Advanced email automation and segmentation exclusive to high-end email enterprise platforms!

PLUS - Unlimited 1-on-1 Hand-held Support Calls whenever you want (perks of being part of our family!)

A simpler way to build your online business, without any tech overwhelm.

Get Instant Access!

You're fully covered with our 30-day money back guarantee!

See How People Are Building A Financially Abundant Life With Kyvio...

Veronica made $120,000 with her courses and rented an office in downtown Milan, Italy

Veronica Benini built up her career as an influencer - helping women business owners find their voice in the online world.

Before Veronica start using Kyvio, she had been running her business from her kitchen. Every day, she would be joined by 2 assistants who would sit around cramped kitchen space working to record videos on a phone.

Veronica now sells in both Italian and Latin American/Spanish speaking markets. Since using Kyvio, she has been able to generate over 100,000 euros (approximately $120,000). She is able to focus on sales and marketing because Kyvio gives her the setup power she needs in her business.

Recently, Veronica deposited $40,000 for a 1-year lease on an office in downtown Milan, alongside the Gucci and Versache showrooms. No more phone-recorded videos. With the help of Kyvio, Veronica has gone professional!

Peter O' Donoghue had been consulting for many years, but was struggling to go past a certain scale with income generation. While his consulting business was getting clients, he was only able to help a few people at a time.

With Kyvio, Peter was able to put out a course and INSTANTLY charge $1,000 per sale. Customers got immense value from all the training and templates Peter provided.

Going through many years, Peter has changed his strategy of selling to a more value based model where he managed to up-scale the value of his courses/coaching up to $1000 for just one DAY!

Peter sells courses for $1,000 with Kyvio!

Victor built $9,698 per month business powered by email marketing.

Victor hails from Nigeria and initially worked as a butcher.

After making the switch online, and working his way up consulting with businesses, he decided to build a list and monetize it with membership sites.

Fast forward to 2019, Victor has 8,000+ customer list (most of them paying customers - recurring) and regularly generates upwards of $9,698 every month from his courses).

His flagship daily newsletter sells for $27 per year, and he has built up an engaged list of paid audience!

All of this was possible with Kyvio.

Today, you have the chance of using the same technology which Victor has access to!

Internet Marketing Success Cannot Be Built With Cheap $7 Trinkets...

Hey, This is Neil Napier...

...and I've been in the trenches long enough to know there's no one solution to ALL the problems we face!

And what's the biggest problem of all?

See, most of our students, just like us - started out with a single hope:

To succeed at Internet Marketing.

Now if this sounds vague, their hope IS vague.

"Hope" marketing is bad for business.

People who end up in internet marketing have no idea where to start, what to do, what to create, what to sell and so on...

They rely on cheap $7 info products, or one-trick-pony plugins which don't really build business foundations.

Now don't get me wrong, some of these info products and cheap plugins DO work.

But what you are never told is the time, and effort it takes to get them to work.

Here's why 95% of online businesses fail, and how you can correct this mistake:

Did you know: MOST businesses have a crippling recurring cost of between $200 and $500 every month?

When you are starting out - this can be off-putting...keeping you away from success.

Ever Heard of "Decision Paralysis"?

It's an unfortunate thing - many businesses deal with multiple different software solutions to operate their business

Optimize press, Leadpages, Clickfunnels for landing pages.

DAP, Kajabi, Udemy for membership sites.

Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp for list building and mailing...

While having many choices is great - it leads to "Decision Paralysis". It slows you down.

With so many technologies, 2 things happen:


It’s difficult to pick one solution over the other - which means YOU end up buying all of them (think about it, how many "broken" landing page builders do you have right now?)


Your entire business ends up being spread over MULTIPLE different platforms out there. So you, your team, and your customers need to “learn” all these different platforms.

Which is inconvenient, right?

And costly too?

Typical online businesses spend between $200 and $500 per month on all of these platforms combined.

Our goal is to change this, so running an online business becomes affordable.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

With Kyvio you have taken things up a dozen notches. This is without a doubt the most complete online business system in a box you will find on the planet today. I've been playing around with this for the last 2 weeks and I must say I absolutely love how easy it is to build complete funnels, create and set up courses online, set up affiliate programs and so much more. What's really exciting is not just that there's so much here but it's how easy it is to set up and get going.

DJ Sobanjo

Profit from Coaching

As someone who is not that technical I need an all in one program that is easy to use and produces great results. Kyvio does exactly that for me. The pages I have made have been quick to make and I have got some great results using them in my funnels. As well as the simplicity of the program the people behind it are superb. They have the right balance of commercial drive, technical skills and support is second to none. I'm really glad I made the decision to invest in Kyvio

William Stewart

CEO, Premier Consultants

So What Should Your Business Really Look Like?

It's actually quite simple!


The most affordable

All-In-One Marketing Platform

in the market!

I love Kyvio and having so many great marketing and sales tools in one place. Beyond the software, I love being part of the wider Kyvio community. The platform add lots of value and help myself and fellow users to set up websites, membership sites, sales funnels and much more in a matter of minutes. Great software for a non techie guy like me!!!

Nelius Smit

Founder - Effective Property Management

4 - in - 1 Kyvio Includes:

Funnel Builder

Configure full sales funnels with upsells and downsells in seconds. Over 150 pre-built pages and templates makes it easy to get started.

Membership Builder

Protect your content with just a few clicks of your mouse. Kyvio membership builder is fully integrated and easy to configure. Start selling in 30 minutes.

Email Automation

Build your list, set up your automated emails, and use advanced features to segment and target your subscribers from right inside Kyvio.

Smart Academy

(Launch Special)

Get unlimited business education on how to build, grow and scale your funnel, email and membership business!

Watch How Kyvio Works:

Kyvio Integrates With...

Here's What You Need To Build An Online Business...

Sales Funnel

Customers need to go through the sales funnels which ultimately leads to making a purchasing decision

Members Area

You need a secured area where customers will receive their product upon purchase

Email Follow Ups

You need to maintain a relationship with your customers and follow up with more offers

Kyvio Gives You All Of These (And More), In One Easy-To-Use Interface…

Funnel Builder

Configure full sales funnels with as many pages as your business needs. Easy drag-and-drop interface + over 200+ professionally designed, pre-made templates makes it easy to build a page within 10 minutes.

Membership Builder

Protect your content with just a few clicks of your mouse. Kyvio membership builder makes it easy to setup your video and text based content to sell to the masses. You control the price and look and feel of your membership site!

Email Marketing

These days, just sending an email is not enough. You need advanced ways of automating subscriber movement, segmentation and more! Kyvio makes this possible.

Here are all the features you get inside Kyvio...

Web-based service

Log in from any device in the world to access Kyvio. You don’t need a fancy computer, and you don’t need to download anything.

Cloud hosting

Hosting this fast and reliable costs a minimum of $70/month. Now yours is included in Kyvio. (You can also link up your own hosting if you prefer).

Members area

Unlike other services which hold your assets hostage, Kyvio gives you full control. Host pages on your server, or our server, or export your pages to HTML or WordPress in 1 click.

Stupidly simple

Kyvio is made for people who hate all of the tech stuff in starting and growing an online business! Hence, our drag-and-drop interface is so easy and intuitive, a 9-year old or a 90-year old can use it.


You can see accurate mobile previews for everything you create to ensure all of your assets (pages, funnels, etc.) look perfect and will convert on both mobile and desktop.

Use your domain

With Kyvio, you are able to use your own domain name to load up all the pages inside Kyvio. Works for both funnels and membership site.

Multi-user included

Create accounts with customizable limitations for your team members so you don’t have to share your own account info.

Interactive onboarding

The first time you log into Kyvio, you’ll be shown exactly how to take advantage of everything it has to offer - click by click.

Automated membership platform

Instantly create member home page, member signup page, member login page, lost password page, and more.

WordPress Plugin included

Load up your Kyvio assets into your WordPress site with one click. 

Advanced email automation

Kyvio allows you to do advanced segmentation, as well as move people around in your lists based on their behavior.

We support you all the way

24/7 support means if you ever have a question or concern, an Kyvio expert will get back to you with dedicated help right away.

One-click A/B split testing

Split test different landing pages just by clicking your mouse.

Hundreds of DFY graphics

From call to action buttons, header images, icons, page separators and more.

Easy FB pixel


Copy and paste your pixel code into Kyvio, and everything is tracked for you.

Unlimited membership tiers

Create as many membership levels for your products as you want.

150+ converting templates

Just load up a template, change the text to match your offer, and you are done. You can also create pages from scratch, or use custom HTML, or create your own templates for future use.

Premium membership features

Full control, custom login messages, track all member activity, 100% product protection, and drip content.

Integrates with everything

Paypal, Clickbank, JVZoo, W+, Zaxaa, DigiResults, Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, and so many more.

Premium email


Easy and fast import of lists with no confirmation needed, mail multiple lists at once, track open and click rates, send both autoresponder sequences and broadcast messages.

Powerful SEO

Fill out your site’s details in Kyvio and on-page SEO optimization will occur automatically.

In-built SSL

Decent SSL certificates can cost anywhere between $9.95 and $199 per year. Every domain on Kyvio has unique SSL for you.

Conversion boosters

The first time you log into Kyvio, you’ll be shown exactly how to take advantage of everything it has to offer click by click.

Unlimited pages

No limit to the number of landing pages you can create with Kyvio.

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Build Your Business With Kyvio


Build Your Funnels

"Websites are dead"

I'm sure you've heard that before. It's true.

Now funnels are the new "in" thing, but setting one up is not easy! With many different tools out there, you need a PhD in software development to build a funnel that converts.

Kyvio is different.

Kyvio simplifies funnel building...

...and it speeds up your success.

See Kyvio is unlike other funnel builders.

For starters, it's drag and drop, which I am sure you've seen before.

Then - it is filled with MORE THAN 200 ready-to-go designs and templates for you to use.

As a matter of fact - some of them EVEN have fill-in-the blank copy for you to fill in...

,,,making it easy for you to get started.

Check Out These Professional Funnel Templates You Can Start Using Immediately..

Here's What You Can Do With Smart Funnels:

Create upto 100 Funnels

Create unlimited number of pages

Create pages using drag and drop Builder

Preview you site using Mobile live editor

You get upto 100,000 visitors per month

Set up 10 custom domain or sites

Automatically build mobile responsive pages

Use DFY funnel templates

Build animations in one click

Easily track conversions on your dashboard

Conduct split testing easily

Set up 2-step optins

Editable GDPR cookie bar

Install SSL certificates

Create popups and hello bar easily

Download page as HTML

Integrate with WordPress with Kyvio plugin

Save page as a template

Integrate 3rd party scripts

Reset page statistics


Set Up Your Membership Sites

Back when we first started online, there were no membership sites - just open downloads. We lost a lot of revenue because of our pages being shared openly.

Then we started using Wordpress sites + plugins! It was fun - but the problem was - every site would require a different plugin install. Imagine having 10 membership sites?

It can quickly become a pain.

Finally - we found a way to do it better…

The membership setup module of Kyvio makes it easy to:

Build drag-and-drop modules

Create digital




Add unlimited pages and modules to each membership

Create registration when someone signs up for free

Integrate with all major autoresponders!

and more...

Check Out These Beautiful Membership Site Templates

Here's What You Can Do With Smart Memberships:

Brand your membership site however you want!

Auto-generate password when someone signs up

Enable manual registration

Sell or give products away for free

Upsell onto other products

Send a confirmation email when someone signs up

Collect as many details as you need on the sign up form

Set up multiple price levels (including free)

Select landing pages right from WITHIN Kyvio

Register customers to your autoresponder list

Register customers to a webinar

Give customers access to additional products automatically

Add unlimited content and pages

Manage members from a single dashboard

Add new members manually if you want


Set Up Your Autoresponder

This is where the fun starts.

Let’s see - everyone says money is in the list, and they are right. However you have to invest a LOT of money to build a list and mail them. In fact - even before you make your first dollar - you have to spend between $9 to $99 per month to get an autoresponder.

I don’t know about you - but paying a high monthly fees for autoresponders is expensive.

Here's What You Can Do With Smart Mailer:

We integrate with Sendgrid, Sparkpost and any other SMTP you own!

Upload or collect leads, inside List Builder

Create forms for all lists to collect leads (making Kyvio list builder compatible with ALL opt-in form creators)

Send broadcasts

Send autoresponder series

View detailed statistics

Blacklist email addresses

Blacklist bad domains

Blacklist IP addresses

Block "role based" email addresses from subscribing

Allow unsubscribers to re-subscribe to the same list

Create multiple email templates for future use

Personalize your email with 10+ different tags

These tags include: email, name, confirmation links, subscription links, membership site url, login url and more!

Segment people based on what emails they open or don't open; and what links they click and don't click.

Automate subscriber actions such as moving people to different lists, or copying them over - all based on their behavior.

When you use anything other than Kyvio,

You are DOUBLING both the time and expense involved with getting products for sale online. 

And you’re likely missing out on revenue-maximizing power (like one-click upsells for customers) for whatever products you do manage to get online…

So even if you use other page builders, and the thought of “switching” stresses you out… 


…NOT SWITCHING is actually the most stressful, and costly decision you can make.

Since Kyvio is so simple to use, transitioning to your new platform will be quick and painless.

And with the ability to get a complete funnel online within 25 minutes or less… we guarantee you will NOT miss whatever tools you’re struggling to work with right now…

So whether you have page builder software ready or not, the only wise choice for you today is get Kyvio for yourself and your business.

Now… ask yourself this…

Kyvio is the machine which is capable of helping you make thousands of dollars online every month.

NO MATTER WHAT experience you have. The playing field is officially LEVELED.

Because…given the thousands of dollars all of these tools, and services would cost you if you were to invest in them separate…

And given their proven power to help people make money online…

The 100% risk-free, low price of Kyvio will surprise you.

And regardless of your experience or expertise level - Kyvio gives you the tools you need to create and sell online!

Here's how Kyvio stacks up against the competition...

Choose The Best Plan To Suit Your Needs

Compared to the price after this charter launch is over


Kyvio Basic

$1 for
14 Days

Then $29 per month

Start Trial


Kyvio Business

$1 for
14 Days

Then $69 per month

Start Trial

Kyvio Pro

$1 for
14 Days

Then $149 per month

Start Trial
General Yes Yes Yes
Powered by logo Always active Optional Optional
Number of sites 1 5 15
external integrations
Media Manager
Team members 0 3 10
Smart Funnels Yes Yes Yes
Number of funnels 10 100 500
Number of templates 10 100 100
Split testing no
Mobile optimizer
Built-in conversion tools
HTML download no
Save as template no
Clone page
Number of unique visitors per month 25,000 100,000 Unlimited
Export Funnels no no
Smart Memberships Yes Yes Yes
Built-in SMTP
Number of themes 1 3 5
Number of members 1,000 5,000 100,000
Member tags no
Content drip-feed no
Member progress tracking
Member Quizes + Results
Design editor
Smart Mailer Yes Yes Yes
SMTP setup own own own
Blacklist domain, email, IP
Block role-based email
Number of lists 10 100 unlimited
Number of subscribers 1,000 5,000 100,000
Manual / Bulk Import
List segmentation no
Automations no
Optin forms
Sequences (autoresponder)
Save email templates
Smart Affiliates No Yes Yes
Built-in SMTP
Promotion Tools
Manage Commissions
Number of affiliates 1000 5000
Number of themes 1 1
Theme customization
  Buy Basic Buy Business Buy Pro

We want you to be one of our success stories...

Kyvio Has A 100% Ironclad Guarantee

The Kyvio family is passionate about helping online business and marketers succeed. Which is why we’ve created outstanding software products for over 6 years, and Kyvio is our flagship platform.

You’re under no obligation to keep Kyvio, however we know you'll absolutely fall in LOVE with Kyvio. This is a combination of most affordable and mature deal, which will not be offered again. We think getting this will be the best decision for your business this year.

So go ahead, claim your access to Kyvio right now. You have full 30 days to use Kyvio as much as you want. You can even export the assets you create with Kyvio to HTML, so no matter what, you’ll always have them. 

If, for any reason, you’re not completely thrilled with Kyvio…

…if you don't feel amazed by our positive community and its members,

Or if you simply don’t think Kyvio is good value for money, then get in touch with us, and we'll give you your money back. We'll just ask for some feedback (so we can improve, in case you decide to come back). And there will be no hard feelings at all. you’ll always be welcome to try our other products, to try out Kyvio again, in the future.

So the only choice right now is for you to satisfy your curiosity and get inside Kyvio. We are looking forward to serving you! Helping you build your business.

Finally – an academy FOR course creators, BY course creators

The Ultimate Resource For Course Creators – Access Training and Personal Mentoring To Sell More Courses!

What if I was to give you our SMART Framework?



you can copy-paste on the way to success



so you never feel alone or lost



to make sure you stay on your path...



to show you the path, and



which helps you level up your skills


...for course creators






Smart Academy is the ultimate collection of on-demand systems, training, roadmaps and more. It exists to help you find the solutions you need to the problems you face while building your online business.

Smart Academy has it all: video training, checklists, templates, PDF downloads and more. It's really the one-stop shop for all things marketing.

It’s not a “get rich quick” or “make money online” scheme. This is ACTUAL business coaching to help you take your business to the next level.

It’s your constant supply of Netflix-type Edutainment you can even access on your mobile.

Again - NOTHING like this exists out there.

As a bonus - you get the 5-figure academy package.

And you continue getting new courses, checklists, mentoring and more - based on the 5-figure level.

Courses (Retail Below $100)

4 Pillars for Successful Membership Site

Survey Salesman

Invisible Funnel

Email Writing Playbook

Membership Creation Playbook

Course Curator


21-Day Recurring Machine

Pitch Perfect Positioning

Worksheets and Checklists

Closed Community

Accountability Group


2x Month Group QnA

Tools and Resources

One more time – here's what you are getting as part of this package...






Altogether, you are getting:

Pre-recorded Training Valued at over $2,100

Worksheets and Checklists Valued at $497

Roadmaps Valued at $997

Monthly Group QnAs Valued at $297

Closed Accountability Group Valued at over $497

Case Studies and Critiques Valued at $997

Tools and Resources Valued at over $297

Community Valued at $497

You're fully covered with our 30-day money back guarantee!

The Kyvio Family Has Been Supporting Online Business For Over 6 Years.

As the makers of revolutionary marketing software for years…

…we are known for giving online marketers and businesses the tools they need to find success, GROW this success rapidly, and REPEAT this success daily.

It’s sad that some folks in this industry are “fly by night,” offering solutions which marketers cannot trust.

Fortunately, you’re far, far away from that now.

When you access Kyvio today, you’re doing the best thing for your business.

Because you’re joining a family which is here to support you for the long haul.

We’ve proven this to thousands of customers for the past 4 years.

And we are SO EXCITED to prove it to you, too, when you join us today. 


Now Is The Time For You To Make A Choice…

You can say “No” to Kyvio today…

Which is the same as saying “No” to the MACHINE you need to actually make you money online, reliably and successfully

Which might you continuing to search for solutions…

Trying to get pages and funnels online yourself...

Dealing with developers, or a ton of different tools…

Taking months to get funnels online, and missing out on the extra money which a PROPER funnel with PROPER conversion tools brings you…

We promise you this - saying “No” will cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars, and months of your time, in the long run.

But we don’t want you to take the hard road today.

We want you to say YES to Kyvio – YES to your goals, YES to growing your business quickly and effectively.

And even if you come back in the future, and have to invest $297/month in Kyvio, it'll still be a great deal...

But when you join us right now, you're locking in the best deal you'll ever possibly get on the #1 All-In-One Marketing Platform.

You've seen everything Kyvio can do.

Get in before you decide to build on another lifetime deal that is essentially, house of cards.

You're fully covered with our 30-day money back guarantee!


What is Kyvio?

Kyvio is an All-in-one marketing platform designed for and by online marketers. It includes every tool you need to make reliable money online in one stupidly simple interface. The web-based platform includes the page builder, funnel builder, support desk builder, email mailing service and so much more, all under one roof, all working seamlessly together.

But I already have page (or funnel) builder software, do I need Kyvio?

ABSOLUTELY. Nothing does what Kyvio does.

So even if you have a page builder, then you need to integrate a funnel, e-mail marketing, membership area, and so much more. Which is at least 3 additional tools to configure and worry about.

With Kyvio, you can forget about all of that, everything is in one place and works excellently.

We at Kyvio believe this: building a funnel ANY other way would require at least DOUBLE the work and DOUBLE the expense of Kyvio, and you'd still likely be missing out on profit-maximizing functionality like one-click upsells, email automation, and so much more.

If I decide to leave Kyvio, who owns my assets?

You do - Kyvio gives you full control where other page builders hold your assets hostage. If you stop paying for your page/funnel builder, say bye-bye to your pages and funnels, but with Kyvio, you can EXPORT your assets so no matter what, you have them. You won't get this sort of dedication to your business anywhere else.

Is Kyvio GDPR compliant?

Yes - we are completely GDPR compliant, just look at our privacy policy in the footer.

Is it easy to use?

Kyvio is so easy to use, 9 year olds and 90 year olds alike can setup A-Z working sales funnels in 25 minutes or less.

This is because of the drag-and-drop style of Kyvio, where you can see what you're building in real time without ANY code at all.

Is there a guarantee?

YES. There is a 30-day ironclad guarantee.

Which means all you have to do is satisfy your curiosity and TRY Kyvio right now, while scoring the lowest investment it'll ever be.

If you're not thrilled for any reason, you can just click your mouse for a 100% refund with no questions asked. You can even Export ANY assets you create before processing your refund, so these are yours to keep no matter what.

Ok, how do I get started?

Easy! Just select one of the options below, and you'll be able to start creating funnels, membership sites and send out emails within minutes.

How long has Kyvio been around, what are your future plans?

Kyvio has been around for nearly 2 years and we are adding new features, improvements and bug fixes every couple of weeks. You can see our entire changelog here (over 200 features added in the last 2 years)

Plus, in a few months, Kyvio 2.0 comes out - you get upgraded to that for FREE! Kyvio 2.0 will provide cutting edge funnel builder as well as fully customizable (including languages) membership sites.

You're fully covered with our 30-day money back guarantee!

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