The Kyvio Story

The Kyvio story started in late 2015, when work was started on its predecessor - InstaSuite. It took over 12 months before an MVP was ready and released in October, 2016. Since then, the platform, and we as team have continued to grow over time.

Kyvio's Vision

In certain cultures, Kyvio equals number 1, and represents someone who innovates and adapts. Someone who uses their knowledge to create something unique.

When we came across the name we thought, that's us.

But more importantly that's you! Our users; a Kyvian

You create, innovate, turn your knowledge into tangible information that people use to grow. And then when the time comes, you adapt and grow even faster!

So in the end - Kyvio is us, but more importantly, it's YOU.


Kyvio is developed by a fully distributed team that works around the clock to help run your business. Our team members come from 9 countries including Finland, Netherlands, Macedonia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Philippines, Thailand and Serbia.

We preach flexible working, and promote digital nomadism for all our team. Steven - our CTO is a true digital nomad.

As a company, we bootstrapped our way to early profits, and have continued to remain profitable, fueled by enthusiasm and coffee. Most of our team members have been around long enough to see the company culture evolve and adapt over time.

Meet the Kyvio leadership team

Steven van der Peijl

CTO, CO-Founder

Neil Napier

CEO, CO-Founder

Aidan Corkery

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Riste Caposki

Operations Manager/Coordinator

Ryan Santua

Head of Design

Meili Leung

Honorary Customer happiness Manager

Veerankutty V P


Shpat Ajvazi


Alveena Sohail

Full Stack Developer

Ahmed Waqas Nasir

Full Stack Developer

Nicholas Dislijeski

Technical Support Agent

Damien Bizimoski

Technical Support Agent

Anuja Gaunekar

BE Developer

Davit Okhikyan

PHP Developer

Vaibhav Dixit

Senior QA

Sasha Mitrovic

System Architect

Gearing up for the Future

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