The Kyvio Story

The Kyvio story started in late 2015, when work was started on its predecessor - InstaSuite. It took over 12 months before an MVP was ready and released in October, 2016. Since then, the platform, and we as team have continued to grow over time.

Kyvio helps you turn your super-powers info profits, without worrying about technical distractions! Quickly and easily create profitable membership websites, sales funnels, lead generation funnels, setup your email marketing and much more!

Kyvio's Vision

Kyvio is an accelerator for the global society switch from a knowledge economy to an entrepreneurial economy. We promote abundance mindset and help Kyvians solve crucial societal problems in an adaptive world.

Here's the thing:

The world is changing. Automation, blockchain and AI will soon create an environment which may leave many people jobless and demotivated. In such times, people who create and offer value to others will survive, and turn into businesses that thrive. 

That's who we want to help.

We at Kyvio believe that for society to be able to keep up with the technology changes, a shift is necessary. Solutions like Universal Basic Income will probably be a necessary 'evil' but ultimately its just a band-aid.

The real solution is a mind-shift of towards an entrepreneurial approach of life. Not everyone needs to be an 'entrepreneur' in the traditional sense of the word. But learning how to think like one, believing in abundance and solving problems for others is what will get YOU ahead in life.

The NEW billionaires of tomorrow are those who help a billion people.


Kyvio is developed by a fully distributed team that works around the clock to help run your business. Our team members come from 9 countries including Finland, Netherlands, Macedonia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Philippines, Thailand and Serbia.

We preach flexible working, and promote digital nomadism for all our team. Steven - our CTO is a true digital nomad.

As a company, we bootstrapped our way to early profits, and have continued to remain profitable, fueled by enthusiasm and coffee. Most of our team members have been around long enough to see the company culture evolve and adapt over time.

Who are #Kyvians?

We are super-heroes, the people with the invisible capes. We create our own path. We pursue social, financial and spiritual growth. People ignore us at their own peril. First they question us, then they follow us. With our open and abundant mindset, we build businesses that shape a global society. With one eye on the present, and one on the future, we are building a legacy for our next generation. Most of all - we do it for our family, our friends, and ourselves.

We create in the morning, sell in the afternoon, and make the world a better place in the evening.

Meet the Kyvio leadership team

Steven van der Peijl

CTO, CO-Founder

Neil Napier

CEO, CO-Founder

Dawn Marie Caceres


Dragan Plushkovski

Affiliate Manager

Lou Hornberger

Launch Manager

Nikola Dishlijeski

Launch Manager

Konstantin Djima

Support Agent

Thrion Mitchell

Head Content Writer

Vladimir Vasilevski

Content Writer

Cristian Toader

Product/Tool Creator

Marius Alin Iacob

BE Developer

Jayesh Anandani

Frontend Developer

Utsav Shrestha

Backend Developer

Vishal Dave

Backend Developer

Stefan Gulicoski

Head QA/Tester

Hamza Majid


Tanveer Ahmad


Marvin Antalan

Mailvio Master/ Senior Support Agent

Sasha Mitrovic

System Administrator

Kaeser Valencerina

Head of Support

Sabin Timsina

Technical Support Agent

Aniekan Edet

Tier 1 support Agent

Eymard Deocampo

Technical Support Agent

Charlson Gueverra

Customer Success Manager

Stole Velkovski

Video Editor

Vasko Naumoski

Head of Design

Ilija Mechkaroski

Graphic Designer

Emilija Shikoska - Ojleska

Graphic Designer

Gearing up for the Future

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